The front-page article on March 30 “American Made” about New Balance, made me stop and think. I am a great-great-grandfather, and my greatest concern is for my grandchildren and those of all Americans.

Why do Americans keep buying from China, a country that does not stand with us when it comes to our best interest in world affairs. What would happen if China would suddenly stop shipping goods to our country?

There would be lots of people going barefooted, but not me. I wear only American-made shoes; I would go barefooted before I would wear shoes made in China.

It is not the Chinese people, though, it is their leadership. We as Americans have to bring our country back to where it was when I was young.

We went without a lot of things to feed and clothe our troops during the wars. When neighbors had no food, we shared what we had to feed them. We worked hard in our factories to keep them running. We had what were called Victory gardens to feed our families and others.

I am proud to be an American.

David C. DonahueBenton

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