A Pittston man is facing charges after allegedly pointing a rifle at his teenage son during a fight with the suspect’s girlfriend about a pickup truck.

Shawn D. Burgess, 37, was arrested Monday on charges of domestic violence assault, domestic violence terrorizing and domestic violence criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. Burgess was held without bail overnight at the Kennebec County jail.

Police were called to 90 Blodgett Road around 5:30 p.m. by a third-party caller who told police dispatchers that Burgess and his girlfriend were arguing about a pickup truck the woman had purchased earlier in the day. At one point, Burgess left with his two sons, ages 19 and 13, but returned to retrieve an engagement ring he had given to the woman, according to an affidavit filed by Trooper James Leonard in Kennebec County, of the state police, in Superior Court. The trooper learned Burgess had “a high-powered rifle with a scope and was loading it.” Burgess reportedly unloaded the rifle, which turned out to be a 30-06, and set it next to him on the porch.

“A 30-06 rifle was located on a bean bag chair on the porch, unloaded,” Leonard said. “The magazine was found on the railing adjacent from the rifle and contained three rounds. Five additional loose rounds were next to the magazine.”

Witnesses told Leonard that when Burgess returned for the engagement ring, he grabbed the woman by the arm in an attempt to retrieve the ring from her. The woman’s friend, who later called police, tried to help by kicking and punching Burgess, Leonard said. Burgess continued, eventually grabbing his girlfriend from behind in a bear hug. Burgess turned from the woman and went after his 13-year-old son when the boy yelled to leave the woman alone. Burgess reportedly grabbed the neck of the boy, who was sitting in Burgess’ truck, and forced his head down. Both of Burgess’ sons fled down the road and into the woods.

“Burgess retrieved his 30-06 from the front seat of the truck and loaded it,” Leonard wrote. “Burgess pointed the gun in the area that (the boy) was hiding and stated, ‘I better not see you.'”


Burgess continued to walk around the yard looking for his sons threatening to “teach them a lesson,” Leonard wrote.

Burgess’ girlfriend continued to plead with him to put the rifle away. She gave him the engagement ring, which Burgess kicked away, Leonard said.

“Burgess unloaded the gun and placed it on the porch near him,” Leonard said. “Police arrived shortly after.”

Leonard, who parked his cruiser away from the house and approached on foot, trained his rifle on Burgess as he ordered him off the porch and to walk toward the trooper.

“I held him at gunpoint until another unit arrived and then handcuffed him,” Leonard said. “As I was handcuffing Burgess, he became belligerent and somewhat resistant.”

Craig Crosby — 621-5642 [email protected] Twitter: @CraigCrosby4

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