AUGUSTA — A Knox woman is accused of choking her mother and hitting her sister during an altercation that began when the mother tried to stop her from choking her dog.

Bobbi Sue Trask, 27, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence assault. She was held without bail over the weekend at the Kennebec County jail.

Trask, also known as Bobbi Sue Kinney, was arrested around 4:30 p.m. Friday by police responding to a 911 hang-up call on Wilson Street Place. Augusta police Officer Eric Lloyd, in an affidavit filed in Kennebec County Superior Court, said Trask choked her mother and then attacked her sister when she tried to intervene.

Trask’s mother told police that her daughter recently moved into her apartment. The confrontation began when Trask’s mother saw Trask “holding her dog up on it’s two hind legs by manner of the leash,” Lloyd wrote.

Her mother yelled at Trask to let go of the dog because it was choking, at which point Trask “grabbed her by the throat and would not let go.”

Lloyd said police found red marks consistent with attempted strangulation on Trask’s mother’s neck. Trask’s sister had several cuts and abrasions on her right hand, left elbow, cheek and forehead, Lloyd wrote.


Hearing the altercation, Trask’s sister rushed to her mother’s aid, Lloyd said. The sister told police that Trask, described as large in stature, punched her sister, pulled her hair and then threw her to the ground.

Police came across Trask, whom police described as highly agitated, as she walked on Wilson Street Place.

“The female … immediately yelled at me, ‘Don’t touch me,'” Lloyd wrote. “I just want my things so I can leave.”

Trask declined to tell police what had happened other than saying that her mother didn’t want her. Trask tried to kick her way out of the back seat of Lloyd’s cruiser as police talked to the victims. Lloyd fastened her seat belt and told her she was under arrest. Trask wanted to know why.

“I told her for the assaults on her mother and sister,” Lloyd wrote. “Bobbi said that she did not remember assaulting them.”

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