I believe the people from the state of Maine have had enough hate and negativity that our current governor has given us. Throughout his time in office, Gov. Paul LePage has made the state look like a hateful and foolish place to live.

I remember when he took down the mural in the State House because he was the boss. Then he would not talk to the inmates at the state prison, then he informed the president of the United States that Barack Obama could kiss his butt. There are many more examples of how he made the state look hateful, including his recent veto to not help more than 60,000 Maine people with health care, all because he was the boss.

Come November, it is about time we elected a new leader, not a bully boss. This is Maine, where we care about one another and pride ourselves on dignity and the ability to help one another in tough times.

We have found out through electing LePage with 38.33 percent of the vote in 2010 that running a discount store does not provide that individual with the skill set to run the great state of Maine.

I call upon all people in our state to think twice before they vote for this bully. I have taught in various locations in Maine for many years, along with being a principal in Unity and Troy, so I know our state quite well.

Joseph R. CostaAndover

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