I feel like a broken record, and anyone is free to agree. Health care in this country is horrible, and treatment of wounded veterans is even worse. Our homeless and job situation is in tatters, and drug abuse is rampant.

I don’t know all the reasons, but here’s what I think would make things better: We should stop sending money to other countries, take a deep breath and cut all aid.

We should stop all involvement in wars, and bring all our troops back home. Take all that saved money and reform the entire system from top to bottom, and cut some of those stupidly high salaries that pay people way more than anyone of the face of this Earth is worth.

Once we have fixed our homeless problems, job security, Social Security and health care, then we can review outside needs and provide aid to other nations.

It is a wonder that some of the countries we have helped haven’t started sending aid to us. Of course, they can’t afford it because while they do the gimme routine with one hand, the other is condemning America.

Ed WheatonPittston

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