This letter is in response to Dan Demeritt’s commentary on April 14 regarding Shenna Bellows’ run for U.S. Senate against Susan Collins.

Demeritt says that Bellows and her supporters have yet to find a narrative that suggests that Collins has failed Maine. Collins may not have failed Republicans who have studied with “top political scholars” and the “best classroom teachers” like Demeritt, but Collins has failed women.

On April 9, Collins voted against equal pay for women by blocking the Paycheck Fairness Act. She has supported the Blunt amendment, which would have given employers the power to deny women access to birth control.

As a woman, I do not need a narrative, belief or optimism. I do not need a degree from Colby or a belief that I can change the world. I need the facts and I want to know how my elected official is going to vote. Collins is not supporting women. Bellows is. How’s that for a narrative?

Stasia MinkowskyMonmouth

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