I read with interest the April 13 article about whitetail deer, “In northern Maine, deer herd shrinks despite efforts to rebuild it.”

I am sure the hard winters we have had decreased the herd somewhat, and coyotes are making a dent, too, but I think the lack of feed must be having the biggest impact.

Anyone can look at Google satellite maps and know that very little of the Maine woods is untouched.

The deer are being squeezed out of their natural habitat searching for food. They are vulnerable to predators and starvation because of the condition of the forest. The state cannot save the deer herd by pumping money into various programs.

We just need to let some of the forest grow back, and the animals will survive on their own. When the caribou lost their feed because there were no old-growth forests they left Maine and trying to bring them back did not work. Deer cannot feed on brush piles and parched land. Give them what they need and they will flourish.

Betsy Laney West Gardiner

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