Is it really any wonder so many conservatives are outraged with the mainstream media, as it’s referred to by talk radio and many other conservative outlets?

Our country has a liberal media that try to form public opinion by refusing to report and ask questions of this administration and other liberals in government about sensitive issues.

It was a different story with George Bush, however. As president, he couldn’t catch a break from the media. Does anyone really think under Bush, the nation’s attorney general could be in contempt of Congress for not supplying documents about the government gun-smuggling operation to drug dealers in Mexico that cost the lives U.S. border agents, and it wouldn’t be front and center on every newspaper? The press would have demanded action.

Does anyone believe that, under a Bush administration, hundreds of American citizens, some armed, could have faced down hundreds of armed Bureau of Land Management agents in Nevada and the media wouldn’t have used it as headline news for weeks? There would be debate and analyses about Cliven Bundy’s dispute with our government every night for weeks on end.

Why hasn’t our nation’s media demanded answers about the deaths of our ambassador and staffers in Libya from a former secretary of state who’s probably planning a run for president? Who was answering the phone at 3 a.m. that night, as the pleas came in for help?

Is there really any doubt what’s going on here? The liberal news media doesn’t need to lie about the news. They just fail to ask the questions or report news that might embarrass Democrats.

Ruth MaddocksManchester

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