MERCER — A farmer lost a horse, three goats and most of his farming equipment in a fire early Monday morning.

Jason Hilton, 37, said his dog Lucy alerted him to the fire when she started barking at around 2 a.m. Monday morning. There were flames coming out of the family barn, which was built by Hilton’s grandfather and is located behind the house at 421 Elm St.

“I thought she had to go outside and when I went out I could see the embers falling out of the sky. It was pretty much fully engulfed,” said Hilton.

He said he went to the barn and opened the gates for the animals to get out, managing to save three calves and four goats. A horse, named Frosty, and three goats were lost, said Hilton.

The barn was destroyed and Hilton said he also lost a tractor and haying equipment. He didn’t have insurance on the building.

Norridgewock Fire Chief Dave Jones said the cause of the fire is unknown but it was likely an electrical fire. There will be no investigation.


When firefighters arrived on the scene, the frame was the only thing standing, he said. There were no injuries to humans reported.

“We’re going to take it day by day and right now we’re just trying to get everything cleaned up,” said Hilton.

Firefighters from Madison and Smithfield also responded.

Rachel Ohm —

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