I’d like to answer the question in Brad Sherwood’s April 17 letter, “LePage, Republicans should define ‘able-bodied’ person.” The phrase “able-bodied” or, more technically, “non-disabled,” is defined by the Department of Health and Human Services as being ineligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Maine Republicans believe that our state’s welfare programs should return to their core mission of caring for our elderly, disabled and children, rather than being stretched thin among so many able-bodied young adults. A helping hand should always be available to those who need it most, but many believe that welfare is too widespread and too easily abused in Maine today.

House Republican Leader Ken Fredette, of Newport, and Gov. Paul LePage have introduced several bills to reform welfare this year, but each has been shot down by majority Democratic state lawmakers. Republicans will continue to fight for reform because the status quo is failing Maine taxpayers.

David SorensenCommunications directorMaine House Republicans

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