Unless we enjoy being the laughing stock of America, we have to be careful or it will happen again.

Paul LePage is going to steal the next election with a minimal percentage of our votes.

The April 16 newspaper said LePage is leading in the polls with minimal percentage. He is watching with that smug look on his sulky face. Please, we can’t let him win again. Everyone needs to vote.

If Eliot Cutler really cared about Maine, he would campaign for Mike Michaud. The voters already have told Cutler once they don’t want him. Let’s give Michaud a fair shot at 51 percent. LePage polls in the 30th percentile because some people don’t care he is a bully and a blowhard. We don’t see how any Mainer could support him in his ignorance.

Let’s show America we do have a little home pride and get rid of this colossal mistake.

Austin and Marti BrannVassalboro

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