FARMINGTON — A Rumford attorney convicted of calling in bomb threats to the Wilton schools was granted a deferred sentence Friday for a new charge of domestic violence terrorizing.

Under the deferral, Ronald E. Hoffman, 54, will have his sentencing for the charge postponed until May 29, 2015.

If Hoffman successfully abides by court conditions until then, the charge will be dismissed. If he violates the conditions, he could be sentenced to serve up to a year in jail and pay a $2,000 fine.

Conditions include no new criminal conduct and no contact with the victim without written consent from both the victim and the Somerset County District Attorney.

Although heard in Franklin County Superior Court, the case was handled by Assistant District Attorney Brent Davis of Somerset County because Hoffman has tried criminal cases in Franklin County and is familiar with the district attorneys there.

Hoffman is charged with the class D crime for reportedly threatening to harm his wife in a comment made Feb. 7 in front of workers at Rumford District Court.


An investigation found that Hoffman allegedly was talking about his wife’s intent to file for divorce when he said, “I’m going to blow her brains out.”

Hoffman voluntarily resigned from practicing law in April, with his resignation going into effective May 19 to allow him to finish work on some cases and turn over others to other attorneys. His work is being monitored by another attorney under an order Alexander signed last Sept. 30, which imposed a two-year suspension from practice for Hoffman but then suspended all of that time.

That order says Hoffman has been licensed to practice law in Maine since 1997 and has had a solo practice based in Rumford since 2002.

It also outlines the details of the bomb threats called in March 29, 2012, to Academy Hill and G. D. Cushing elementary schools in Wilton, which forced the evacuation of 360 children, the effect on the students and staff there as well as a series of health problems Hoffman has suffered over the years.

On the convictions for the two misdemeanor terrorizing charges related to the bomb scares, Hoffman was sentenced to two consecutive 364-day sentences, both of which were suspended. He was also placed on two years of administrative release, which will be revisited after the deferred disposition.

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