Maine Republicans have announced their party platform for November. They propose to turn back the clock on marriage. In the most recent poll, 54 percent of Mainers approve of our voters’ decision to include same-sex couples in marriage. In that poll, only 37 percent of Mainers opposed same-sex marriage; 87 percent of Mainers said that marriage equality has had no negative effect on their lives.

The Maine Republican Party also plans to keep blocking federal funding for health insurance for low-income Mainers. In a recent Public Policy poll, 57 percent of Mainers supported accepting federal funding for Medicaid. Maine is currently refusing a million dollars a day in federal funds. We are the only state in New England that is refusing to let the U.S. government cover health care for people who are working at low-wage jobs.

When those Mainers need medical care, they will go to emergency rooms. Instead of their care being paid for by the U.S. government, their care will be provided free by Maine hospitals, which will pass on the cost to the rest of us in increased fees for service.

There is a consistent picture here: Most Mainers oppose the positions of the Republican Party. That must be why 62 percent of Maine voters said they would not vote for Gov. Paul LePage in the fall.

So I have a proposal for that 62 percent: Let’s commit to voting based on the last polls reported in October. If, at that point, Mike Michaud has a clear majority of the non-LePage vote in the polls, we all will vote for him. If, at that point, Eliot Cutler has a clear lead in the same way, we will vote for him.

Let’s stop having a state government that represents a minority of Maine people.

Stan Davis, Wayne

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