You know how I know it’s finally spring?

I decided it was time for some sports haiku, that’s how. It’s official. You can put your boots and shovels away.

You’ll recall, haiku is a three-line poem. The first line consists of five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third five again.

When there’s a lot going on in the sports world, haiku is a great way to hit on a lot of topics quickly. Four of these poems are about hockey. At this time of year, I have hockey on the brain. The Stanley Cup is the best trophy in sports, and the Cup playoffs the best tournament on the planet. Anybody who says otherwise is a liar, or just hasn’t watched a Stanley Cup playoff series.

The Red Sox are here, as well as the Patriots and the Kentucky Derby, among other recent stories that captured our attention.

My apologies to all the good poets out there.


Bruins vs. Canadiens

There’s hate and there’s this
Generations of contempt
No poutine for me

UMaine men’s basketball

Not so much a coach
You need a wizard, a man
Who works miracles

Donald Sterling

So hateful and rich
Combo that can cause trouble
Go away old man


Xander Bogaerts

Line drives off your bat
So young, so much potential
Work on that glove, kid

Kentucky Derby

California Chrome
Dominates, nobody close
Triple Crown talk starts

Clay Buchholz

Two good starts, at last
Well, did you turn the corner?
D.L. stint coming?


Darrelle Revis

I used to hate him
Now, he wears the right laundry
Shutdown corner, yes.

Boston Celtics

Rebuild has begun
Will it be fast, or drawn out?
Fate rests on ping pong balls

NFL Draft

Clowney? Manziel? Yawn.
So much hype. So much hope. Yawn.
When they play, I’ll watch


NBA Playoffs

Wow! So exciting!
Who the hell am I kidding?
I really don’t care

Tuukka Rask

Two U’s, Two K’s and
guts and guile in the crease
The net’s in good hands

Vince Wilfork

Glad you are still here
Throw blockers like such bean bags
Healthy now, we hope


Patrice Bergeron

Clutch personified
Old time hockey leadership
Cup and gold same year?

Stanley Cup

Best trophy in sports
Hoist, and become immortal
Lord Stanley, thank you

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