A MaineGeneral Health vehicle that was not working correctly was allowed on the road and caused a multivehicle accident on April 25, according a newspaper article the next day, “Police: Faulty brakes apparently caused four-vehicle car crash in Waterville.”

Four people were injured, but they were taken to Thayer Center for Health, a MaineGeneral hospital, in Waterville, across town from where the accident occurred. Why were these people not taken to Inland Hospital, which was right up the road, within walking distance, from the accident site?

As a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree, I cannot wrap my head around this. Four injured people needed medical attention and should have been treated at the nearest hospital. I also think that taking them across town to a MaineGeneral hospital would be a conflict of interest, since the hospital’s vehicle apparently caused the accident, according to the article.

In my opinion, the injured should have been evaluated and treated by Inland Hospital instead of at Thayer Center for Health.

Kathy Violette Winslow

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