I have concerns about the April 27 column by Don Roberts, in which he said the Democrats are “preying on the ignorance” of people for political gain.

Seriously, has he not been following the tea party rally calls that are financed primarily by the Koch brothers? Certainly, they define themselves as conservatives and Republicans. I am still waiting for them to be “expelled,” as Roberts suggested should happen when this despicable tactic is used.

Looking up the definitions of progressive and conservative, one would not see the right-wing, slanted definitions offered by the writer. Progressive is defined as one “favoring political reform” or moving forward. Conservative states that one is in “favor of preservation of existing order” and will “regard proposals of change with distrust.”

Could existing order refer to the white majority? Since Barack Obama was sworn into office, Republicans have blatantly stated and demonstrated their distrust and dislike for our president and have actively worked against the best interest of the people. The changing U.S. demographic appears frightening to many of the Republicans.

Roberts is now a self-proclaimed independent voter, but he certainly sounds like a Republican.

Frankly, the letter itself appears riddled with racist innuendo. The writer’s opinion is that African-American voters were responsible for both of Obama’s wins and that now people — especially African-Americans — may lack motivation to vote at all in the mid-term elections.

Exactly who is thinking that right now? The majority of Mainers voted for Obama twice, and we are definitely close to the whitest state there is.

Lori AlbertPalermo

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