In recent months, a group of our elected officials and neighbors have gotten together and discussed what to do with our trash.

The Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. will close in the near future, resulting in higher costs for disposal, and we generate a lot of trash. Yes, I am guilty, too.

When pay-as-you-throw was presented to me by a group of friends, I wanted no part of it, and I thought of some creative ways of how I was going to get rid of my trash — dumping it somewhere was not one of those options.

The main reason for this was not knowing what or how to recycle anything but paper —we all know how to do that. But I wanted no part of tearing labels, washing cans and jars and sorting things into containers for which I have no room.

Then I went a South End meeting where Dana Bushee, Erik Thomas and others were there to answer questions that we have had regarding recycling. After that meeting, I went home and made a list of things I wasn’t sure about. I even asked places where I eat out if I can bring my own to-go containers!

I am willing to learn how to recycle and to help my neighbors do the same. I am not saying it will be easy or hard, but it will be different. Changes are happening every day of our lives, whether we like it or not. Whether we choose to embrace them is up to us.

Heather MerrowWaterville

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