WINTHROP — Winthrop High School has announced its third-quarter honor roll for 2013-2014.

12TH GRADE — High honors: Emmah Spahr and Maureen Tierney.

Honors: Jessica Ames, Alyssa Arsenault, Amanda Burke, Alex Chamberland, Dominick Cognata, Joy Cognata, Alexandra Conant, Collette Connor, Robert Cromwell, Randi Dennett, Sara Devoy, Kristin Doughty, Alex Hays, Abigail Helm, Rachel Ingram, Molly Kieltyka, Catherine Ouellette, Dan Pietroski, Felicia Ridley, Zachary Steele, and John Sullivan.

11TH GRADE — High honors: Lilly Beauregard, Kevin Chamberland, Hope Dunn, and Teresa Easterbrooks.

Honors: Dakota Carter, Nicholas Charest, Sebastion Coston, Mitchell Deblois, Joseph Fay, Adam Hachey, Curtis Hawes, Logan Lattin, Nicole MacMillan, Pelle Mandrup Jensen, Taylor Morang, Taylor Ouellette, Jacob Rioux, Nicholas Schlosser, Matthew Sekerak, and Trisha Wilson.

10TH GRADE — High honors: Olivia Audet, Alison Berube, Jada Choate, Kennedy Connor, Emma Conrad, Danielle Kotow, Tyler Nussinow, Kelsey Stoneton, and Dustin Tripp.

Honors: Ben Ames, Morgan Beland, Joshua Biondo, Hannah Blanchard, Shaylen Brown, Amy deHaas, Mathias Deming, Jasmine Douglass, Brendon Dunn, Celeste Hannum, Dakotah Knox, Cabot Lancaster, Lydia Lavoie, Samantha Lee, Julie McConnell, Noah Milliken, Tessie Moody, Anthony Owens, Samantha Phinney, Kaitlin Souza, Madelyn Thomas, Jessica Tozer, William Vance, and Kaitlin Werner.

NINTH GRADE — High honors: Megan Chamberland, Corinna Coulton, Molly Glaser, Katriona Hajduk, Jacob Hickey, Matthew Ingram, Kayleigh Oberg, Andrew Pazdziorko, Mattilda Rice, Shie Smith, and Sarah Spahr.

Honors: Madison Allen, Alec Brown, Adlin Chaparin, Jeffrey Dunn, Caleb Fortin, Ryan Hafford, Autum Hodge, Kyle Keezer, Hunter Martel, Brianna McClure, Brogan Plossay, Nathan Scott, and Spencer Steele.

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