I agree with the governor’s veto of the jail bill, and was disappointed the Legislature overrode the veto.

First of all, I am not in favor of county government in law enforcement. The correctional system needs to be one body and law enforcement under the Maine State Police system.

The answer to everything in this state is spending more money. The Democrats wait until we are on the brink of disaster and push bills through knowing if they don’t get it their way there will be trouble, like they did with increasing sales tax.

It’s as if they were saying, “If you Republicans don’t override the veto, the state will shut down, and we will make sure you get the blame.”

The sad truth is the tactic works, just like it probably did this time. I wonder how many of the Democrats run their personal finances like they do the state’s? Replace the tire don’t put a blow patch on it!

Too many department heads are not held accountable for their budgets or they just are not qualified to fulfill their responsibilities. New money thrown at broken problems is not the answer.

Terry TinerBelgrade

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