In response to a letter written by Joan Gilbert-Croteau, in Sunday’s paper (“Collins’ political career should end in November,” May 11), I’d like to say this:

Sen. Susan Collins may not be perfect, but she voted for the right things, on every point the writer brought up!

Why is it that most of the Democrats only want to continue raising taxes, borrowing money that we don’t have, and relying on an already broken and bankrupt federal government for support? Please, show me, just once, where the federal or even state government “involvement” has ever made anything more affordable for the working class and the general public.

I’d like to know why anyone could have faith in this current system, as it is obviously failing on a monumental scale. The national debt is approaching $18 trillion. Sen. Collins did the right thing by voting against a lot of these terrible bills. Please, wake up, and study some simple economics, and stay home during the election if you haven’t learned anything by then. The government cannot manage money to save their lives. Only the private sector can straighten things out.

James AndrewsRandolph

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