The article about the vandalism to the little girl’s cemetery lot in Fairfield (“Fairfield family shocked, confused by vandalism of 6-year-old’s grave,” May 6) brought back sad memories and evoked anger at the vandalism and attitude of the cemetery keepers and church. Where is their compassion and empathy?

My parents died 10 weeks apart. At that time there were three daughters and two grandchildren. We had only placed flowers and plants.

I was secretary of the cemetery association where they were buried, and other family members were involved in the group. At the next annual meeting, three people came that had never attended before to complain there were too many flowers. My niece had taken her date there with flowers on prom night. Those people never came to another meeting, but it was very hurtful at the time.

I can’t begin to fathom the grief at the loss of this young child. If it brings them and their family and friends some comfort to place items there, they should be able to do so. From the photo in the paper, it looks like the adjacent lots are old and unvisited. We could all hope that there might be visitors to the cemetery we end up in even if the visitors are coming to an adjacent memorial. I guess we should hope it wouldn’t be a memorial commemorating the loss of someone so young.

My sympathies to Avery Lane’s family. I hope whoever is tormenting them will stop and leave them alone and let them grieve their loss in peace.

Mary CaswellWhitefield

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