As director of the Evening Sandwich Program at the Waterville Universalist Unitarian Church. I would like to tell everyone about the donation two little boys gave the program.

Mica Morris-Rossignol, 6, and his little brother Leo, 2, celebrated their birthdays recently. They asked that their friends bring peanut butter, jams and jellies to their birthday party, instead of presents. The boys were able to give ESP 40 jars of jams and jellies, a few big tubs of peanut butter and a couple of containers of fluff.

Since the program fed 1,300 meals during the week of May 4-9, the gift was significant. This gift is a lesson in love and understanding for us all.We need to have friends like these two little boys. Thanks to them, and also to their parents.

Maililani BaileySkowhegan

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