Why would someone with a penchant for challenging authority endorse a law enforcement officer? I’ve a simple answer: Dale Lancaster.

I taught two of his three daughters. Their intellectual curiosity and dedication suggested enlightened parenting.

Lancaster was on the school board the night I resigned rather than submit to fingerprinting. Afterward outside, I heard my name called. It was Lancaster, then commander of Troop C. “I have to wear two hats, you know. In uniform, I’ll pick up the flag and charge to enforce the law. I’ve taken a vow.” Then you could almost see the hats change, though the thoughtful head underneath remained, as he shared his reservations about the law (and said don’t tell Connie Chung, which of course I’m doing now).

It’s too bad I had to move, but if I lived 1,000 feet north, I’d vote for Lancaster to be Somerset County sheriff.

Bernie HuebnerWaterville

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