In regards to all this welfare talk, I’m a “non-categorical.”

That means I had the nerve to be single (at 50) with no kids. So as a result, I lost my MaineCare. I got a job in 2011 that pays $10 per hour. I have been permanently disabled since 1992.

Since I got my job, I lost MaineCare, my prescriptions went from $5 to $26, my MaineCare from $0 to $40 per month, my food stamps fell from $181 to $53. That’s a net loss of $200, because I earn $130 per month.

I can’t even work a few hours for some pocket cash without losing way more. Where’s the incentive for others who can and want to return to work if the slightest change may take them or their kids off assistance?

Although as permanently disabled, I shouldn’t have to justify things, but I also volunteer for three organizations for 10-20 hours per week.

Bruce KeezerClinton

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