An 8-year-old Farmington boy has been charged with terrorizing after police say he threatened a younger boy with a pocket knife on the school bus.

The boy was suspended for 10 days from W.G. Mallett Elementary School after the knife was taken away from him when the bus arrived at the school, police said. He was also summoned on a charge of terrorizing after police consulted with the Franklin County district attorney.

Farmington Police Deputy Chief Shane Cote said he’s never seen a case like this in 18 years on the force.

“Because there was a weapon and because it was on the school bus is what makes this different,” he said.

The bus was headed toward the school when the bus driver saw the second-grader allegedly use a pocketknife equipped with folding blades to threaten a 6-year-old boy.

The younger boy was not harmed.

The bus driver called the school, and when the bus arrived administrators removed the children, disarmed the boy and called the school resource officer, Bridgette Gilbert.

Cote declined to release other details about the case, citing laws that protect the privacy of juveniles accused of crimes.

The charge would carry a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail for an adult, but the juvenile system has different sentencing guidelines designed to rehabilitate rather than punish offenders.

“It’s about getting this 8-year-old some help and guidance in how to handle life’s problems as he gets older,” Cote said. “There are different ways to handle issues, other than with weapons.”

Cote said the Department of Health and Human Services has been involved with the case.

Matt Hongoltz-Hetling — 861-9287 | [email protected] | Twitter: @hh_matt

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