As a former member of the Maine National Guard, 133rd Engineer Battalion, I am appalled at a plan being pushed by Brig. Gen. James Campbell, the adjutant general, to swap the unit for an infantry battalion.

Considering the 133rd’s long-standing record of public service in Maine, any suggestion that an infantry unit would be “more useful” to Maine is hogwash.

Campbell reveals his poor judgement in his April 29 email to our congressional delegation, when he says, “We have been looking for an infantry unit for years now.” It’s way past time for him to publicly explain just why trading the 133rd for an infantry unit would benefit Maine.

I have to agree with Eliot Cutler when he urges Gov. Paul LePage to end all consideration of trading away the 133rd engineers for an infantry battalion. As Cutler says of the 133rd, “This unit is too important to Maine to permit it to be sent to another state.” I would urge the governor to give Gen. Campbell his walking papers and find a new adjutant general who has more common sense.

John R. MerrillAugusta

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