It seems that every spring, the newspaper feels they need to print “hate mail” about motorcycles. One writer states that he attends every session on the passing of a helmet law. Perhaps he should try wearing one for a while to feel how restrictive and uncomfortable they are. (Or maybe wear one while driving a convertible or riding on his lawnmower!)

Another writes about all Harleys making noise. While there are some that do, not all are “idiots” revving up at traffic lights and stop signs. There are always some that think they are above the law, be it in cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, or motorcycles. The benefits from motorcycle groups to local communities is overwhelming — from the Toy Run to veteran groups and many other positive activities.

Harley Davidson is one of the oldest American companies and contributes to many worthy causes throughout our country. They also employ thousands of American workers. So I say, let these “haters” air their views in the paper and we’ll be thankful that they, like the “idiots” they speak about, are but a small minority.

I have been riding for nearly 50 years and all the people I ride with (most are veterans and all are hard-working Americans with families) practice safe and courteous riding habits.

I say to those: ride safe, live free and let those who ride decide.

Elroy MelvinBelgrade

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