Now that we are be bombarded with political ads it might be helpful to see deception that creates perception. Candidates do not run on their own merits but create deceptive attack ads that waste money and time (see Poliquin and Raye).

Here’s an example of deception creating perception: Calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare.” We all know that conservatives have vowed to be obstructionist even on points that were their own creation because it is perceived as something we horrible liberals might want. This is sad and also quite “unpatriotic,” and it reminds me of the snarkiest bullies on the playground.

The Affordable Care Act is modeled on the very successful legislation in Massachusetts, where “Romneycare” was endorsed and created during Mitt Romney’s time as governor and included penalties and all. Now it is vilified.

That is only one small example. I wish someone had the guts to run on their own merits, and that people would be courageous enough to look into things and make their own decisions, not whatever the political interest folks and news organizations decide we want. And that goes for both sides.

Lisa KimballEast Madison

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