How many of you upright, decent and patriotic Americans of conscience are following the disgrace of how our Congress has been betraying our heroic veterans for so, so long?

Since I am a totally disabled, combat- and battle-hardened Vietnam veteran with a Purple Heart, I would guess that practically none of you have been following it, and with no guilt about not doing so at all. Oh, but you are a good patriotic American. Want to bet? Your actions do nothing but deny that fantasy that you hold so fearfully in order to protect your own false sense of goodness and conscience.

But what about your children and their children, and the mothers, fathers and sisters and brothers who will get the same exact treatment in the future? Speak out loudly against what this country — through it’s Congress — has done to our veterans. Or else forever know that each of you have carved the way to make our veterans insignificant and disposable human beings.

And if that happens, I curse you all to lose all of your freedom and have to fight by yourselves to try to regain it.

Richard L. Furfey Windsor

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