On May 16, the old guard and a new voice for Maine visited Skowhegan.

Shenna Bellows met with Maine residents in a setting where all attending had the opportunity to ask questions, to challenge her and to hear thoughtful responses.

A principled “independent” stand by Sen. Angus King, who supports Bellows’ opponent, Sen. Susan Collins, would have been to meet with Bellows prior to making any endorsement and to encourage an open debate between the senator and Bellows.

The senator’s support allows Collins to create a facade to protect her from the real give and take we as voters deserve.

Margaret Chase Smith took great risk in challenging her party to do the right thing for her country. Does Sen. Susan Collins have the courage to openly debate Shenna Bellows?

Bellows is ready for this debate. She is unafraid of an open exchange of ideas.

Let the debates begin.

Roger A. RenfrewSkowhegan

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