As a teen who loves to read, I am very worried about Lithgow. For many years, I spent my time there reading and enjoying myself. But as I grew older, I noticed a lack in new books and a space to put them. I also noticed that it wasn’t easily accessible for those with disabilities. The technology was outdated and at times not functional.

I feel that the community will benefit greatly if we fund the renovations for Lithgow. By creating a space designed especially for teens, they will frequent the library more often. In the past, I often was frustrated by the same books on the shelf, seldom replaced by new ones. By increasing the space, Lithgow will be able to add new books in all sections of the library. This alone will appeal to more and more people because more and more types of books will be added for all ages.

By improving handicap accessibility, the numbers of people visiting the library will increase. I remember that there is a small elevator but it is only for library staff, and it certainly wasn’t big enough for people with disabilities. There will be an increase in use, so creating a bigger community meeting space is a must.

Constructing an inviting meeting place in Augusta will result in increased cultural diversity. I envision the library filled to the brim with people from all walks of life. It will become a destination for many, and it will create an exciting learning environment.

Finally, by increasing and improving the space of Lithgow, more jobs will be created which is just another good thing about this referendum. It’s a win-win situation.

Brandi Connor


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