I have an idea about how to spend a million dollars, instead of giving it to a Rhode Island company to investigate the Department of Health and Human Services.

Stone Street in Augusta, which I guess is used by 4,000 or 5,000 vehicles a day, has needed repair for a long time. We should shut it down and use alternate routes while it’s repaired. We should hire a company that owns a reclaimer, which eats the asphalt off the entire road, then keep going until we end up with four repaved lanes that will match part of Route 17 to Togus.

In my opinion, that would be money well spent. DHHS helps the poor, disabled and handicapped people. I know Department of Transportation is a different department. If I win Powerball, I’ll give DOT a million to repair Stone Street.

I also believe Maine has many intelligent people. Ask Gov. Paul LePage to organize a team from Maine instead of using out-of-staters.

Andre E. BeaudoinRichmond

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