ANSON — Carrabec School District Nurse Linda-Jo Andrews R.N. has made it her goal to inform and educate students regarding Melanoma and to aspire to reduce the risk and the incidence of this type of skin cancer. Students have been educated during lunch periods, science class and in small groups. Many have had the opportunity in the past three years to observe their skin in a facial scanner.

Recently, 174 of 213 Carrabec High School students pledged not to tan in a tanning booth or intentionally tan in the sun. Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is promoted. These pledges gave the school a chance in a drawing, organized by the Melanoma Foundation of New England, to win money for the prom. The “Tanning Is Out, Your Skin Is In” program has routinely taken place prior to prom to discourage this tanning activity.

To qualify for one of four $500 drawings in Maine, it is required to have 70 percent of a single class pledge not to tan by April 30. This year, students in all grade levels pledged but the Carrabec’s sophomore class pledged at 98.6 percent which placed the school in a separate drawing. Carrabec is the only New England high school that won this $1,000 prize.

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