With more than 1,270 member companies, the Maine Motor Transport Association is committed to moving our economy forward. We also are committed to promoting safety within the trucking industry and to making the roads as safe as possible.

Good public policy and good regulations stem from good research and good data. Sen. Susan Collins fully understands this. That is why she has proposed suspending two new rules that could be making our roads less safe. Collins wants the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to address the unintended consequences of these restrictions that push more trucks onto the road during daytime hours when crash risk is at its highest. The result of the new law has increased risk, congestion, emissions, delays and costs to our economy.

No one should question Collins’ commitment to safety. She wrote the law that allows all commercial trucks to drive on Maine’s federal interstates, where it is safer, rather than being forced to drive on secondary roads, past schools and through downtowns like Freeport and Bangor.

Safety is the trucking industry’s highest priority, and Maine is fortunate to have Susan Collins looking out for us.

Brian Parke, president & CEO Maine Motor Transport Association Augusta

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