Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t read anywhere else about the horrors the contraceptive NuvaRing has inflicted on women. A June 4 article headlined “Parents of 24-year-old-killed by NuvaRing reject their part in $100 million settlement” gives life- and health-saving information that every women and teenage girl should know.

The article reports, “Complaints filed with the Food and Drug Administration indicate 2,955 women say they have been hospitalized and 224 women have been killed, from side effects caused by the contraceptive NuvaRing.”

Can you imagine the cry for gun control that would go up if 224 teenagers were shot to death and 2,955 were wounded in our schools? Why are the lives of NuvaRing victims deemed so insignificant ?

The article also reports “The NuvaRing, which releases hormones through the bloodstream after being inserted into the vagina, has been linked to heart attacks, blood clots, strokes and elevated breast cancer levels.”

Monica Greene lost her 17-year-old daughter La Monica in June 2009, just weeks after the girl started using the NuvaRing.

“While NuvaRing produces a higher proportion of health concerns, all parties involved” (in settlement mentioned above) “are quick to point out that similar side effects are found in all hormonal contraceptives.” Only God knows how many women have been killed and injured by the other hormonal contraceptives.

With the Democrat Party’s war against women (free hormonal contraceptives under Barack Obama’s health care mandate) we can expect much larger numbers of women killed and injured.

Ron J. Stauble Sr.


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