As a 20-year U.S. Navy veteran who served in Vietnam, I find it very disingenuous that Congressman Michael Michaud refuses to accept any responsibility for the scandal consuming the Veterans Affairs hospitals around the country, even though the inspector general warned him 18 times about the problems.

When asked point-blank, at his last State House presser, if he bore any responsibility for the VA debacle as an 11-year member and ranking Democrat on Congress’s Veterans Affairs Committee, Michaud dodged and deflected. He’s what we call in the Navy a “fair weather sailor,” only talks about veterans within the context of a photo-op or ribbon-cutting ceremony — not truly looking out for our welfare by fighting in the trenches.

Considering this ongoing scandal at the VA and that veterans issues are Michaud’s main point of pride during his time in Congress, I have to ask, what has he been doing down in D.C. for all these years?

Michaud has proven to be a weak leader and certainly not fit to serve as our next governor.

Tim Russell Sidney

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