According to the Department of Labor, more than 17,500 private-sector jobs have been created during Gov. Paul LePage’s tenure. During this time, Maine’s unemployment rate went from 8.2 percent to 5.7 percent. There are more than 8,000 unfilled jobs across our state. Maine’s economy is recovering.

Why is Waterville’s economy stagnant, and where are the jobs in Waterville? Councilors Erik Thomas, Ed Lachowicz and Dana Bushee spent countless hours implementing a regressive $400,000 trash tax that hurts everyone, especially those on low and fixed incomes. Why didn’t these councilors support job creation policies instead of implementing this trash tax?

Why are city officials refusing to join the dozens of certified business friendly communities across Maine, such as Augusta, Biddeford, Lewiston and Auburn? Why are they fixated on solving the world’s problems, while they ignore our back yard as it burns in joblessness and fiscal disarray?

As the trash tax illustrates, city leaders squandered millions of dollars on unaffordable and frivolous capital projects. Their reckless spending increased our debt burden and propelled runaway taxation, which is stifling job growth and hurting residents. City officials have placed Waterville in a death spiral.

They claim our financial crisis is not their fault. Apparently, it’s the fault of property owners for being under taxed. Perhaps, it’s LePage’s fault for the 17 percent tax cuts we experienced when he was our mayor. The blame for our financial crisis lies entirely on the doorsteps of city hall, nowhere else.

It’s time to hold our city councilors accountable, by electing candidates, regardless of party affiliation, who have good business sense, good judgment and who will tighten the reins of wasteful spending. Failure to elect good city councilors will further erode our local economy, lower property values and devastate the city we call home.

Gary Maheux


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