Well, here we are yet again. Primaries are done, now we can get serious with all the blather that is not fit for consumption. I am not a fan of any politician, so I will paint with a broad brush in my disdain for what any of their ilk have to say.

Emily Cain, I am sure, will place well in this contest, in part because she is young, female and just wants to help everyone and get along with all.

Bruce Poliquin, on the other hand, is near my age, a man and has a stern visage to go with his stern no-tax demeanor.

If they really want to show me something, let’s start all this fiscal conservancy at the top. Not the little people trying to get by on what would pass for congressional lunch money. Why do millionaires need a lifetime income? Cut out the congressional retirement.

Why do we pay for all the billions for presidential libraries and security? When Harry Truman left office, he packed his suitcase and went home to Missouri. End of story.

How many billions of dollars would we save by just those two steps: Stop lifetime money for congressional millionaires and let the president pay for his own library if it is so impressive.

Maybe the good folks in Congress could use the same insurance plans that we the little people use.

I don’t believe either of these two running to represent the 2nd District has the guts to suggest something as bold as I have suggested. Since they make the rules, it is easier if someone else has to live with them.

Jay McDougal


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