On the PBS “NewsHour” on June 16, liberal Gov. Jerry Brown, of California, asked, “How can we be good citizens if we are potheads?” Since he was speaking as someone who knows from experience, I think, we all should thank him for this acknowledgement.

People who have seen others struggle with addiction know that no one should toy with addictive social habits, period.

On the same show, I saw what I think were long lines of young people seeking approval for recreational marijuana usage. The scene was frightening.

Leaders of moral integrity should cry out against marijuana approval.

I found it shameful that people went on camera, boasting about all the money they will make if recreational marijuana is approved. Those people have sold their souls to the devil.

I think other than Brown’s caring comments, the other very revealing comment was by a young woman, who acknowledged prior use of marijuana: “I can’t be smoking pot now because I am trying to get a business venture off the ground.”

Do people understand what she and Brown were saying? Even former potheads know that the brain does not function as it should when under the influence of marijuana.

Elaine B. Graham


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