Mike Michaud has been in Congress for years; his accomplishments — all for the benefit of working class people— have been many. He always has worked for the state of Maine and the people of Maine.

Gov. Paul LePage has worked for the betterment of 70,000 of the richest in Maine. These well-to-do folks get a tax break.

How does this work when it comes time for a balanced budget? Well, let’s cut benefits for the lower income people. We can cut unemployment benefits. Raise the cost of prescription drugs. The people who work and are lucky enough to own their houses got higher property taxes.

Every time over the last 40 years when I have seen a representative of our government go overseas for foreign trade, it ends up hurting the working class sooner or later, and ends up hurting America.

Now, let’s look at Eliot Cutler. He ran for governor once already, and what happened? He lost. What are his accomplishments? Yes, he has a plan for Maine, but the funny thing about plans is that they don’t always work the way we thought they would.

The politicians should stop pointing their fingers at the other guy, and stop worrying about the financial stability of other countries. Instead, they should start fixing the problems that have been created over the last 40 years, here in America. We owe it to our children.

Cecil M. Bryar Sr.


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