My husband and I stopped by a local market recently to pick up two of the lobsters that were on sale as a special treat for his Father’s Day. We had the young man steam them for us, and when we went back several minutes later for our lobsters, we were told the person behind us had paid for our order.

I have no idea who that person was, but we wanted to thank him or her for this wonderful gesture that really made our day.

I’ve read about this happening before, but never thought we would be on the receiving end of such a kind gesture. We hope to be able to pay it forward in the near future.

One year ago on June 15, my husband had a stroke while working with FEMA in Peoria, Ill. Thankfully, he’s made an almost-complete recovery, but is emotional and it pleased him so much that someone would gift us in such a way.

Roberta Kelly


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