12TH GRADE — Summa cum laude: Erin Ballew, Adam Fullmer, Steven Longfellow, James McAuliffe, Haley McPherson, and Joshua Peterson.

Magna cum laude: Shanay Gilbert, Emily Maynard, Adam Small, Maura Stottler, Tamaki Tsuki, Katherine Veayo, and Kristen Veayo.

Cum laude: Ryan Branscom, Kaela Brennan, Zoe Danforth, James Evans, David Locilento, Rina Miyata, Lexxus Ross, and Tyler Zagwyn.

11TH GRADE — Summa cum laude: Brian Allen, Clio Barr, Andrea Fredericks, Nicole Pelletier, Courtney Rhoten, and Eva Shepherd.

Magna cum laude: Gabrielle Brown, Bryson Camp, Steven Guay, Emily Hall, Naomi Harrison, Wesley Lapointe, David Mallow, Robert Michaud, Sam Moulton, Morgan Rush, Autumn St. Pierre, Greta Thiele, Emma Wilson, and Jacob Young.

Cum laude: Mark FitzGerald, Olivia Maynard, Tiffiny McCollett, and Eli Trask.

10TH GRADE — Summa cum laude: Emma Begin and Nicole Bodge.

Magna cum laude: Josh Cowing, Sydney Gross, Alex Guiou, Anna Hodgkins, Haley Houdlette, Signe Lynch, Andrew Peterson, Margaret Pomerleau, Dani Sweet, Hailey Taker, and Regina Wilson.

Cum laude: Jake Allen, Mary Hicks, Annabelle Houghton, Sonya Jackson, Signe Lynch, and MaKayla McDonald.

NINTH GRADE — Magna cum laude: Julia Armington, Alexis Bourne, Adeline Davis, Justine Drappeau, William Fahy, Nicholas Guiou, Renee Leask, Anna Peterson, Jessica Small, Alicia Warren, and Rose Warren.

Cum laude: Nora Cyr, Rebecca Freed-Barlow, Samuel Jamison, Brianna Parker, Samuel Pilgrim, Sierra Proulx, Alec Roberts-Poulin, Margaret Somers, Athea Truman, and Isabelle Vazquez.

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