It is amazing to me that this president has destroyed so much good will among our friends in the world. Just recently a poll showed that 54 percent of Americans do not think Barack Obama can lead.

Daniel Hannan, a member of the British parliament, said Obama is not the leader of the free world. The London Telegram at one time wrote that the Obama administration was arrogant and extravagant. A senior military adviser in Britain, Sir Hew Strachan, calls Obama “chronically incapable” of military strategy and says he falls far short of President George W. Bush.

At one time, the British prime minister was ignored five times in trying to meet with Obama. One of Obama’s aides remarked that Britain was one of more than 200 countries and should not expect any better treatment then the rest of them.

We have a tenuous relationship with Israel. Obama ignores Benjamin Netanyahu, and Hillary Clinton insults him. Lech Walesa of Poland said Obama was a dangerous disappointment to the world and America is no longer the world leader.

Relationships with Canada are strained because Obama tries to tell Canada how to run its own country.

Vladimir Putin runs rings around our president as if daring Obama to do something. Remember the president drawing a red line with Syria? He has been all over the place regarding Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iran. Relationships with Australia are not good because the U.S. tries to tell them what to do about climate change.

A reporter for The New York Times, no friend to Republicans, called the Obama administration “the most control-freak administration” he’s ever covered.

Our president had little experience in life except as a community organizer who instructed people how to demonstrate and agitate. How could we expect anything else?

Roland Preble


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