I couldn’t agree more with George D. Christie (“Column about Second Amendment misses the mark on many fronts,” June 16). The article that inspired Christie’s ire, Bruce Poliquin’s screed about the Second Amendment, also irritated me when I first read it way back on June 3, and it still does.

Like Christie, I was especially put off by Poliquin’s claim that gun ownership is a “God-given right.” What in the world was Poliquin thinking when he wrote that? Was he thinking about the same God who is known as “the king of peace”? The same God who commanded “Thou shall not kill”? The same God who instructed his disciple to put his sword away in the Garden of Gethsemane? Or perhaps Poliquin imagines a Rambo-style God carrying an Uzi with bandoliers of ammo draped over his shoulders?

Thanks to Christie for illuminating Poliquin’s ignorance of both the American Constitution and Christian theology. It scares me to think of Poliquin representing us in Washington.

David L. Mitchell


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