The Legislature is out of session, but your lawmakers remain ready, willing and able to assist you. I have found constituent service one of the most rewarding aspects of being a representative, and I encourage everyone to reach out if they have difficulties related to state government.

One Saturday morning, at Stan’s Barber Shop in Pittsfield, Stan joked about a politician being in the house. That prompted a customer to ask if anything could be done about his MaineCare being canceled. The man was battling leukemia and had been scheduled to undergo a stem cell transplant. A few days earlier, however, he learned that his coverage had been canceled. I took his information and worked with the House Majority Office and a MaineCare representative. It turned out that the cancellation was made in error, and the man’s coverage was restored.

I’m happy to report that the transplant took place soon after that and, thank God, both he and the donor are doing fine.

Another example involves a constituent who needed help with a federal matter. He was worried that his son, a service member stationed overseas, had not been in touch for nearly two months. I provided his information to Congressman Mike Michaud’s office, and the son’s commanding officer called the family within 24 hours. The son was safe and phoned home within an hour after that.

Without hesitation, I say the vast majority of state lawmakers serve because they love the state of Maine and care deeply for its people. Believe me when I say that if you give them a chance they will do all they can to help you breathe a little easier.

Do all matters end as successfully as these examples? No, but you should give us a chance. It might just make a difference.

Rep. Stanley Short Jr., D-Pittsfield

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