An Arizona man was arrested Monday after police said he repeatedly exposed himself near Prescott Field in Farmington.

Ronald Oberst, 47, of Tucson, Ariz., was arrested on the class E misdemeanor of indecent conduct after police received three separate reports about the man, said Farmington Police Secretary Bonnie Pomeroy.

“He was down by Prescott Field camping out and exposing himself,” said Pomeroy.

Police responded after the first report around 4 p.m. but were unable to find the man, Pomeroy said. Later that day, police received two more reports of the man exposing himself and returned to the area near Sandy River to look for someone matching the description of the calls. Oberst was found by Farmington Police Officer Darin Gilbert and arrested without incident.

Pomeroy said Oberst told the police that he was transient and had been camping by the river.

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