Maine crime writer Paul Doiron hopes those who have read his four previous novels will find his latest one “really satisfying.”

“The Bone Orchard” will be released by St. Martin’s July 15.

Those familiar with Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch have been waiting for four books for him to get his act together.

Doiron took a chance a lot of writers wouldn’t — he started in his first book with a character that was sometimes hard to relate to and instead of resolving his issues in one book, the character arc has taken five.

“My whole idea was to take a young, troubled man who shouldn’t be in law enforcement and show the process he goes through,” Doiron said last week. “He makes mistakes and learns from them.

“It’s an important turning point in the series.”

Without giving too much away, Bowditch is out of the Warden Service after a serious of missteps and other issues and is trying to get his head together. He is reluctantly drawn in, though, when his mentor, sergeant and good friend Kathy Frost fatally shoots a suicidal veteran.

“This is the book where Mike Bowditch finally grows up,” Doiron said.

— Maureen Milliken

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