I was glad to see (article, “Former patient gets 15 years,” June 24) that Mark Murphy was sentenced to 10 years of a 15-year sentence for repeatedly punching and stabbing mental health worker Jamie Hill-Spotswood.

Justice Donald Marden said Murphy’s history of mental illness did not lessen his responsibility for the attack.

We live in a violent society, but violence, regardless of someone’s mental status, should not be tolerated or accepted. Back when Kennebec County correction officers were brought in to monitor patients, they and mental health workers weren’t roaming the halls looking to taze or restrain patients, but if that was necessary to control violent situations to keep everybody safe, it should have been an option then and now.

I also believe Maine’s forest rangers should be allowed to carry a firearm, and all corrections officers should have vests to protect them against stabbing.

No matter what the situation is, whatever it takes to keep everybody safe, should be available.

Wellman Cromwell


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