America is in deep trouble. Informed Americans know it. The current regime in Washington is in its sixth year of systematically destroying the nation. Governors try to fix some of the problems at the state level, but federal courts overturn them. The people try to fix some of the problems at the state level through referendum and the courts overturn them. There are laws on the books and the occupant of the Oval Office refuses to enforce them. Congress, the Senate controlled by the president’s party and the House by ineffectual, backbone-less Republicans, either use empty words and convoluted logic to support the president, or they use empty words to appease Americans while pointing out problems without solutions. We are in serious trouble.

There is a huge list that swipes at liberty perpetrated by the courts, the White House and Congress. Domestic issues such as marriage, spying on citizens, harassing citizens, border security, unemployment, deficit spending and outright tyranny are in the news almost every day, as are international issues such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaida, the Taliban, funneling taxpayer dollars to those who kill our soldiers, and sending needed jobs overseas.

America appears as Jesus foretold in Matthew 24, the conditions before the end of the world would be a world of violence as in the days of Noah and the society would be like Sodom and Gomorrah. Isn’t this happening now?

America is in deep trouble and it will take the full measure of prayer, repentance, and bold action to lift this nation up from the coming judgment of God. America needs to repent of their many sins.

Marcel LeRoi


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