takes summer away

Another year has gone by and we are blessed with summer again. Year after year I ask law enforcement and elected officials why 5 percent of our population can ruin the other 95 percent summer by allowing illegal exhaust on motorcycles, and each year I get the same answer: We are going to address the issue this year.

This is what state police officials told me last year — as far as I know, the state police did not issue one ticket last year for this outrageous problem. “Loud pipes saves lives” has been proven not to be true beyond a doubt. If they really want to save lives, then wear a helmet and wear loud clothing, but that wouldn’t be cool.

Each time I write this type of letter I have a number of loud bikes go by my house and rev up their engines all hours of the day and night, one at about 6:30 every morning, I have repeatedly reported this to the police and they ensure me that they be out there in the next day or two to catch these cowards. But I have watched for them, they never show up.

The whole world is trying to stop bullying of all sorts. Well anyone that runs a bike so loud that it rattles your windows just to be cool is a bully.

Soon we will be having toy runs and such with noises so loud animals cower and hide and children cry because it hurts their ears. This is unacceptable to me and should also be to most of you.

I urge everyone that wants their summer back and to keep their hearing to call your local law enforcement and complain about these bullies.

Joseph Rocque Jr.


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